With performances and games, the children can actively help shape the family vacation.

With performances and games, the children can actively help shape the family vacation.

Beautiful hiking trails include those to Kandel, Hohloh and Teufelsmühle. Tip: get a hiking map on site to identify the most beautiful routes. (Hiking without luggage: The Feldberg in the Black Forest)

Hiking fun for humans and animals

Provided it is well behaved, your dog is allowed to frolic on some hiking trails without a leash, since normally neither many people nor busy roads cross the path here. But be careful: You should always make sure that your dog does not run into the woods and chase game when it has a strong hunting instinct. Confrontation with wild boars in particular can be painful and should be avoided. If you roam through a nature reserve, you must also keep your animal companion on a leash.

Unless otherwise stated, many lakes are also accessible to dogs without a leash. The many natural places in the Black Forest only dictate the rules of common sense. For example, you should always keep an eye on your dog and not let it walk blindly through the area, as the landscapes are sometimes confusing.

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Destination in Germany: Camping in the Black Forest: a wide range of leisure activities

Lots of dog friendly accommodations

The right accommodation is important for a successful holiday with your dog in the Black Forest. Where there are often problems between landlords and dogs elsewhere, no difficulties in this regard are to be expected in the Black Forest. In addition to full board, many of the larger hotels also offer dog care so that you can go out without your four-legged friend. Often, pensions even provide food and water bowls and dog pillows free of charge – the Black Forest is one of the most dog-friendly holiday regions in Germany. Nevertheless, before your holiday with your dog in the Black Forest, you should find out in the respective facility whether four-legged friends are really welcome or whether the accommodation is unsuitable for your four-legged friend, perhaps due to many steps or the like. (Holidays with your dog in Austria: Holidays in nature)

Thanks to the increasing demand for a wellness holiday with the family, more and more hotels and travel agencies are offering so-called complete packages. Wellness and family vacations are combined, for example, wellness hotels include childcare in their program. The all-round service can be enjoyed over a weekend or even over several weeks. Relaxation and wellness holidays with the family are no longer a problem.

Wellness and relaxation with children

Thanks to the professional child care offered, wellness, relaxation and children can be organized and combined without any problems. The hotels offer large, spacious family rooms with retreat options for parents and children. All-round care for the little ones enables parents to relax without a guilty conscience, as well as having fun and a great time for the children. In some family-friendly hotels, wellness and vitality treatments are also offered for young people and children.

Perfect planning for a stress-free wellness vacation with the family

Perfect planning is important so that every family member can enjoy the wellness vacation. The age of the family members must be taken into account and reported so that the hotel can make all arrangements. Family hotels and travel agencies provide all the information you need, from the relevant applications to childcare and excursion destinations in the vicinity. The wellness vacation becomes a family vacation that satisfies all personal demands and promises relaxation and recreation.

Cruises are not only a way to travel the world, they are also great for family vacations. There is something for everyone on family cruises: there is sport, wellness, entertainment and games on board. Special family activities and discounts are further incentives to take the children with you on the ship.

Popular travel destinations for Germans
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Diverse program especially for families with children

Such cruise providers focus on a varied vacation for the whole family. There are shopping opportunities for adults, as well as fitness, wellness and entertainment options. If you are looking for a few hours of rest, you can make yourself comfortable by the pool. Qualified staff take care of the children, who let off steam on the ship and get to know their peers.

With performances and games, the children can actively help shape the family vacation. Adequate catering is also provided: special emphasis is placed on offering healthy and tasty food and drinks that are tailored to the children.

Family cruises: Children often travel for free on the ship

Family cruises pay off as there are plenty of special bargains. MSC Cruises and Costa Cruises, for example, have offers where children travel free of charge in the parents’ cabin. On MSC Cruises, children up to 17 years of age travel free in the parents’ cabin regardless of the date; The prerequisite, however, are two full-paying guests. Costa Cruises limits the range of cruises to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. It is not valid during the school holidays and is therefore more suitable for families without school-age children. The best individual offer for family cruises can be found through a detailed comparison of the various providers.

In 2018, the Free State will celebrate its 100th birthday, and the constitution will even be 200 years old. High time for a trip to Bavarian culture, scenic beauties, its castles and cities.

100 years of the Free State of Bavaria: Myths and records
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Whether in football or when it comes to the question of the highest mountain, whether in the largest city park in the world or the largest public festival – Bavaria is one step ahead. With around 91 million overnight stays, the Free State is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. This is due to its picture book landscapes, the quaint traditions and the baroque churches and castles. It is often said that the clocks run differently in Bavaria, and many visitors obviously want this attitude towards life.

Neuschwanstein Castle: Throne in the clouds

But they are also looking for the mystical, history-laden Bavaria. "I want to remain an eternal mystery to myself and others …" King Ludwig II once wrote. This puzzle continues to fascinate visitors to Neuschwanstein Castle to this day. Like a throne in the clouds, it sits on its rock high above Hohenschwangau near Füssen. The castle entrance is reached after a 30-minute walk along the Pöllat Gorge.

Five beautiful day tours in the Bavarian Alps
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Countless battlements, turrets and gables astonish people. The most famous castle of the Bavarian fairy tale king is one of the most famous sights in Germany with more than a million visitors a year. Inside, the pomp and splendor of the apartments and the colorful throne room, which incidentally never had a throne, are astonishing.

Eye-catcher next door: Hohenschwangau Castle

There are special guided tours for children in August. If you want to see where Ludwig II spent his childhood, you can stroll over to Hohenschwangau Castle in around 40 minutes. More than 100 years earlier, Balthasar Neumann created a unique baroque building and one of the most important palaces in Europe: from 1720 to 1744 he built the residence of the Würzburg prince-bishops.

Neumann’s genius is revealed, for example, in the stairwell, a unique, self-supporting structure. When, shortly before the end of the Second World War, the residence was in flames and almost the whole city was on fire, the vaults in the stairwell as well as in the White and Imperial Hall held up.

Marienberg Fortress and the oldest German church

Another destination for visitors to Würzburg is the Marienberg Fortress high above the city. The Marienkapelle there, built around 706, is the oldest German church. Visitors also encounter the history of the city around the market square. The rococo facade of the Falkenhaus is one of the most beautiful in Bavaria. For flower lovers, it is worth visiting from April 12th to October 7th, when the State Garden Show takes place in Würzburg in the newly created Hubland district.

Around the Chiemsee by bike
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Primeval forest in Germany: Bavarian Forest National Park

On the other hand, vacationers will find wild, untouched nature in the Bavarian Forest National Park. The park covers an area of ​​more than 24,000 hectares along the border with the Czech Republic. With its dense mixed mountain forests, moors and the Ice Age Rachelsee, it forms a primeval forest area of ​​almost untouched nature.

Those who visit it today can hike more than 300 kilometers and explore around 170 kilometers by bike. The Lusen and Rachel as well as the rocky hiking area await summiteers. In the information houses you can find out everything about flora and fauna and there are also many suggestions for families.

At Neuschönau young and old can even climb onto the roof of the Bavarian Forest. The longest treetop path in the world, at 1,300 meters, invites you to stroll and be amazed. From a height of up to 25 meters, the view extends far over the Bavarian Forest National Park to the Bavarian Alpine peaks.

Idyllic pre-alpine landscape: lakes, mountains and Franz Marc

The lovely pre-alpine landscape spreads out at the foot of the Bavarian mountains. If you lie on your towel on the banks of one of the many lakes on a hot summer day and watch the little clouds in the sky, you will feel that there is hardly a more beautiful place in the world.

The Walchensee is a dream for surfers, and many art lovers make pilgrimages to the Kochelsee to visit the Franz Marc Museum. Before the First World War, the dashing Franz Marc did painting studies around Kochel, fell in love, broke hearts, married and finally bought a house in the community in 1914 "blue land" as he called his adopted home.

Bathers at Lake Starnberg: In summer, Munich residents can get here quickly by S-Bahn. (Source: Ralph Peters / imago images)

With the S-Bahn for swimming: Starnberger See and Ammersee

Starnberger See and Ammersee, on the other hand, are the bathtubs of Munich residents. In summer they are transformed into a huge outdoor pool and a playground for water sports enthusiasts. They can be reached quickly from Munich by S-Bahn.

Munich, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany

Munich, the "Cosmopolitan city with a heart" as she is often called, or the "northernmost city in Italy" as others claim, is regularly among the top ten most beautiful cities in Germany. It is home to FC Bayern, the Viktualienmarkt and the Oktoberfest. Visitors rave about the cozy beer gardens and the English Garden. Incidentally, it is the largest city park in the world. In addition to the beer garden at the Chinese Tower and the Monopteros Temple, the main attractions are the Eisbach surfers next https://topadultreview.com/ to the Haus der Kunst. They are now one of the most popular tourist attractions and embody the city’s full zest for life.

Oktoberfest and a record museum

The full life is celebrated every year during the Oktoberfest, which takes place for the 185th time from September 22 to October 7, 2018. Every year around six million guests visit the world’s largest festival and a record-breaking seven million liters of beer are served.

The Deutsches Museum also records records.

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